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The ALIVE Certificate Ceremony 2020


ALIVE Certificate Ceremony 

Jam packed with interviews with students and community partners sharing volunteering experiences! 



ALIVE 2019/2020 Year in Review:


Certificates Award Online - Tuesday 7th April 2020

All Certificates will be awarded online and students can download their Certificate. We will also have physical Certificates printed and available - we will update our website in April on this. All successful applicants will have their Certificate acknowledged on their final record from NUI Galway via the internationally recognise Diploma Supplement. 


We are currently planning something special for you all to celebrate your volunteering. We want to connect with you on April 7th and acknowledge voluntary action. 

Interviews with your fellow student volunteers; Videos Showcasing the highlights this year! Photos and Quotes from Students and Community partners!

Join us on Facebook Live for the Celebrations!

All welcome to celebrate and recognise campus and community student volunteering! The President of NUI Galway will award a special certificate to volunteers at a fun filled ceremony!

Awards appear on your academic record upon graduation, acknowledging all your campus and off-campus volunteering.

Deadline for applications: We now have a rolling application open for summer 2020 - update! Closing 1st June 2020. 

How to Apply

  • Login to the online application form at with your student id and password. 
  • Click President's Award and Apply Now. 
  • Then you can log all the hours you volunteer with each project.
  • Answer the reflection questions about your volunteering and pick out a Sustainable Development Goal that you are passionate about.
  • Remember to always click "Save"

Questions? Issues?

Email us

See videos about the ceremony and more details here.

Need more volunteer hours for your award? Check out the wide range of volunteer projects here on the ALIVE website


Gradam Uachtarán OÉ Gallimh don Obair Dheonach


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