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ALIVE Leadership

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ALIVE Leaders

An ALIVE Leader is a student who has volunteered in a community organisation and is willing to take on a deeper role and be the liaison with the ALIVE programme and support their fellow student volunteers.

Now is your chance if you want to create deeper links between your volunteering organisation and ALIVE - sign up to be an ALIVE Leader. Leaders receive training, hoodies, funding and opportunities to attend conferences.

ALIVE Leaders have attended the following training workshops and events to develop their skills, effectively lead a group and progress their goals.

  • Volunteer Management Training with Volunteer Ireland and Galway Volunteer Centre
  • Conflict Resolution Skills with Helplink
  • International Volunteering and Development workshops, conferences and fairs with Comhlamh, UCDVO and Irish Aid
  • Creative approaches to Advocacy and Change with CIT Crawford College of Art and Design
  • SDGs, Migration and Global Issues with NYCI, Suas and Galway One World Centre
  • Inclusivity and Diversity with Galway Volunteer Centre

Meet the Leaders

This year we have a group of exceptional Leaders working with us: Meet the ALIVE Interns in the ALIVE Workshop.

We asked 2020 Intern, Sabrina a few questions about her volunteering journey; see below!


Why did you want to be a part of the ALIVE Leadership Internship?

I received the ALIVE Certificate for volunteering last year, and it inspired me to get involved in ALIVE on a leadership level. I really enjoyed the ceremony, and I made new friends through the Seas Suas programme.

What tasks/ duties do you need for this?

I have a lot of different tasks, which makes the vote very interesting and provides a lot of variety. We do a lot of work with charities and events such as the science festival, which was extremely enjoyable and a great learning experience.

Would you recommend being a part of an Intern?

I would recommend being a part of this programme. I wanted to learn more about ALIVE. I got to learn a lot of new skills and meet a lot of new people throughout the programme.

Do you enjoy doing this? What would be your best thing from this?

 I would say that it as a very positive impact on the college experience so far. It has encouraged me to get involved in society more by volunteering. It has provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet new students and learn more about charities. It was rewarding for me to hear about the positive impact volunteering has on the student's time at university. 


Resources available to ALIVE Volunteers

Bring your ideas ALIVE!

  • Fundraising events: ideas, venue booking, supplies, application form to fundraise on and off campus
  • Preparation: Child protection training, posters, social networking, learning opportunities at conferences and workshops
  • Administrative resources: Photocopier, meeting space and wifi in the Hub, Áras na Mac Leinn
  • Funding: Civic Engagement Fund application form available from ALIVE. ALIVE volunteers often travel to conferences and events, and we would like to help you get there! Please complete this application form to plan insurance and funding. 
  • Event & Project Management: how to recruit and engage fellow volunteers successfully, health and safety, trips

What is the Civic Engagement Fund, and how does it work?

The ALIVE Civic Engagement Fund was established to support students in developing their own volunteering initiatives and take on leadership roles.

The fund enables students to act on their ideas, interests and passions with community organisations, campaigns and projects. Individuals and groups of students may apply. NUI Galway ALIVE volunteers have, in recent years:

  • brought the national 'Soup for Life' Gorta campaign to the University of Galway
  • organised the Health Sciences Ball, raising almost €2,000 for Voices for Galway
  • created events on campus to fundraise for the Irish Kidney Association
  • organised a table quiz for Friends of Londiani
  • held a campaign to sign the Irish flag for a trek to Mount Everest with the HOPE Foundation.

To take a lead on your volunteering, contact ALIVE for support in making your idea a reality.

Apply today!



Fundraising Policy for Students and Community

Our committed, enthusiastic and ambitious staff and students fundraise extensively across the campus. Please contact the CKI if you hope to plan a fundraiser at the University of Galway.

Within the University of Galway, Fundraising Policy is a helpful guide to successful event planning and links to national fundraising networks. Helpful support documents can be found on the Student Services Policy website. Fundraising events are reviewed via the Application Form, which you can fill in here!



Take your ideas to the next stage!

You can take your ideas to the next level and become a social entrepreneur! Here are some great links to get you started:

Social Enterprise Network in Ireland
Ashoka Ireland 
Social Entrepreneurship Ireland

Social Marketing & Social Innovation are key concepts for social entrepreneurs. University of Galway has particular expertise in this area.

Dr. Christine Domegan, Marketing Discipline and Leader of the Social Innovation and Policy cluster, Whitaker Institute at University of Galway, chats with Angela Sice about Social Innovation and how it is used to address ‘Wicked Problems' in society.

Listen to the definitions of Social Marketing and Social Innovation and examples of movements to improve lives:

Short Podcast Interview with Dr Christine Domegan, University of Galway

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