Shannon College of Hotel Management

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Students of Shannon College of Hotel Management are welcome to apply for the ALIVE Certificate jointly awarded by the Shannon College Head of School and the University of Galway President.

The ALIVE Certificate is awarded to successful applicants in recognition of their voluntary contribution to the community, on and off campus. 

Students complete a reflective record of their volunteering experience at the end of the academic year to qualify for an ALIVE Certificate.  Over 10,000 students have been awarded the ALIVE certificate, which acknowledges their contribution to volunteering and is awarded in a special annual ceremony.  Created by the University of Galway, this Presidential acknowledgement is the first of its kind in Ireland!

Your application is reviewed by a panel of student volunteers, community members and College staff. You will be notified of your application status. 

Step 1  - Volunteer!

Step 2 -  Complete Application Form 

Step 3 -  Celebrate!


Application Forms have arrived!! Grab them Here !

Good luck with all your volunteering this year!

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