How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Getting started as an ALIVE Volunteer could not be simpler! Be an ALIVE volunteer today.



Go for it, Volunteer! You can do it!

We chatted to some student volunteers and community partners.

Get inspired and see how easy and fun it can be:

Steps to Volunteering


Step 1: Find your best volunteering opportunity

ALIVE is here to help you find your ideal volunteer role. Ask yourself some key questions:


There are a huge range of fun opportunities with children, environmental, health and disability projects. Click here to view available volunteering opportunities.


There are once-off opportunities for a few hours on a Saturday to weekly one hour on a Monday opportunities. You choose! Here is our calendar of once-off opportunities:


We mostly work in Galway but we also have great national links. You can volunteer near where you live, play or work. 

Create your own!

If you have your own volunteering idea you can make it a reality with the ALIVE Civic Engagment Fund.

Step 2: Meet the organisation & start volunteering

Once you sign up on the ALIVE website the organisation will be in touch about getting started!

Enjoy your first visit as you learn more about the organisation, training and get the tour! Expect to complete an informal chat, interview and reference check depending on the role. Once you start volunteering communication and commitment are vital. Get the most our of volunteering through skill building and leadership opportunities.

Step 3: Link in with ALIVE supports

ALIVE has it all and we love when you visit! 

Visit us for the chat about volunteering and how we can support you to get the best from your expierence.

ALIVE Guides

Pick up your free Guides at the ALIVE office in the Hub, Áras na Mac Léinn or Download below to learn more about volunteering in the community.

Thinking of Volunteering?

A Step by Step Guide to Volunteering for University of Galway Students

ALIVE Volunteers: Handbook for Homework Clubs and Youth Activities

Covers everything you need to know about volunteering with children and young people.

International Volunteering: A Guide for University of Galway Students

Covers everything you need to know about volunteering abroad.

Step 4: Get your University of Galway Presidential Award for Volunteering

Get Certified! The University of Galway Presidential Award for Volunteering is the ALIVE Certificate.

We want to reward all the time and effort students put into societies, sports clubs, campaigns, committees, volunteering, community engagement, Mentoring, Class Reps, student radio, and everything else that isn't degree-related, all your extra-curricular activities. This is your chance to tell us what you have been doing, and get the recognition you deserve!

Well done to all the 900+ students who received their ALIVE certificate. Dates for next year will appear on this site in the near future. Remember to apply! Students must complete the application form which is a series of questions about your volunteering. You can find this on It's easy! Log in, complete the application form and click submit. You can save your application, return and edit it and manage your volunteering portfolio too.

To Qualify:

You need to be an active volunteer for at least one semester to qualify for your Certificate. All kinds of volunteering are recognised by the Certificate. You may have volunteered in Galway, in your hometown or internationally. You may have volunteered on campus through clubs, class reps, student radio or newspaper, societies, or mentoring a first year student or off campus with a school, charity or hospital. All volunteering is recognised!

Confused? Read how to apply for the certificate.


In this section we covered the 4 Steps to being an ALIVE Volunteer!

  • Step 1: Find the best volunteer opportunity for you! View over 220 volunteer opportunities on the ALIVE Database and sign up online.
  • Step 2: The organisation will be in touch and you can start volunteering!
  • Step 3: Link in with ALIVE for supports to make you volunteering experience the best it can be.
  • Step 4: Celebrate! Apply for the University of Galway President's Award for Volunteering, the ALIVE Certificate.

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