Gaisce - National President’s Award

Gaisce - National President’s Award

Gaisce - National President’s Award

Welcome to Gaisce at NUI Galway!

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Examples of NUI Galway students Gaisce Journeys

Read NUI Galway Students' interviews and stories about their journey for the Gaisce Medals.

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About the Gaisce Award

Gaisce, which is also known as the President’s Award is a personal development programme for people aged between 15 and 25 to fulfil their potential. The award began to flourish under President Patrick J Hillery in the 1970’s and since then over 300,000 young people have participated in the programme.  The award comes in three stages, bronze, silver and gold, each of increasing difficulty and timescales. Students often begin their bronze award in secondary school and this year many NUI Galway students are taking the chance to complete the award.

The awards consist of 13, 26 and 52-week programmes taking up three hours of time each week.  Through participation in personal, physical and community challenges, young people feel that it enhances confidence and wellbeing. Participants must also complete an adventure journey as part of each award. The adventure journey is something that young people particularly enjoy with students travelling to places such as Kilimanjaro and to undertake the Camino walk in Spain. The sense of achievement when participants finally receive their award drives students to better themselves and their communities.

The programme challenges people to undertake a journey that opens all parts of their lives to self-improvement, allowing them to not only better themselves but everybody in their community. Students challenge themselves to learn new skills such as a language, take time to better themselves personally and take up something new such as the gym, and also to better their community by doing activities such as volunteering with local groups.



Gaisce PALs

To sign up for the award email to meet the Gaisce PALs - Lorraine Tansey and Adian Harte.


CEO of Gaisce Yvonne McKenna, NUI Galway's Lorraine Tansey, Chair of Gaisce John Cunningham and Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh.

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