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News & Events

News & Events

Welcome to news about student volunteering at NUI Galway! Here we have news and social media updates on the ALIVE programme, conferences, and community updates.

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Be ALIVE at Postgrad Open Day
01/11/2017 - Bring Your Postgrad Application & Experience ALIVE with NUI Galway’s student engagement programme.

Gaisce - The National President’s Award
01/11/2017 - Welcome and information evening!

Washington Ireland Programme
31/10/2017 - All students are welcome to an open evening about WIP 2018!

Poverty, Inc. Screening
12/10/2017 - Award winning documentary on international volunteering and aid with a critical look.

03/10/2017 - Nurturing Change-Makers, Imagining a Better World. CIT Crawford College of Art and Design in Collaboration with Galway One World Centre & CKI - Community Knowledge Initiative - NUI Galway

ALIVE Welcome Workshops
23/08/2017 - Kick start your volunteering with some hands on training!

ALIVE Internship 2017-2018
31/07/2017 - The ALIVE Team is recruiting for the next academic year!

NUI Galway Volunteer Fair 2017
24/07/2017 - Join us 12th of September to Showcase Volunteering!

Erasmus+ programme for Volunteer Management
23/05/2017 - A MOOC for staff in charities to be able to up-skill their volunteers and improve their volunteer programmes.

St Angela’s College Sligo Student Volunteer Award Celebrates 13,590 Euro In Kind Time to Community
26/04/2017 - Estimated at minimum wage forty-five awarded students gave an average of thirty four hours this year equating to 13,590 euro of in kind time to social, environmental, health and education programmes.

Shannon College Celebrate First Student Volunteering Award
24/04/2017 - Students give 10,890 euro in kind as volunteers this year!

Global Citizen Award Ceremony sees NUI Galway Student Volunteers Recognised
06/04/2017 - Congratulations to three NUI Galway student volunteers for working on their action projects to achieve the Global Citizen Award.

Community Inspire Next Generation at NUI Galway Student Volunteering Ceremony
06/04/2017 - NUI Galway President, Dr Jim Browne presented over 950 student volunteers the ALIVE Certificate for Volunteering. The ceremony was attended by Galway City Mayor, Councillor

St. Angela’s College, Sligo Join in European Capital of Volunteering 2017 Celebrations!
07/03/2017 - Sligo is the European Capital of Volunteering for 2017

ALIVE Certificate Ceremony NUI Galway 2017
31/01/2017 - Earn the Presidential Award for Volunteering

The Brain Café: NUI Galway’s Third Annual Undergraduate Research Conference
30/01/2017 - Students create their own conference space and learn vital skills in an ALIVE Civic Engagement Project.

Workshop: Migration, Refuge and the Sustainable Development Goals
25/01/2017 - ALIVE supports you with your ideas + training ALIVE are hosting the National Youth Council of Ireland to deliver training on the theme of Migration, Refuge, and the Sustainable Development Goals

January: What’s happening?!
09/01/2017 - Some great talks and events to kick start getting involved in volunteering in 2017

e-VOC: Online Training for Volunteer Coordinators on the validation of competences.
19/12/2016 - e-VOC: Online Training for Volunteer Coordinators on the validation of competences.

EIL International Volunteering Scholarships
12/12/2016 - Opportunity to engage in international volunteering with a twist. EIL are offering scholarships for international engagement with learning at the centre.

Volunteering for your Career
10/10/2016 - Volunteering for your Career is a fun seminar to really unpack your volunteering for enhancing your portfolio, CV, interviews, and local to national award opportunities.

Student Volunteering Training for 2016
26/08/2016 - Welcome NUI Galway students to your ALIVE volunteer training! Get hands on advice and prep for your volunteering role.

NUI Galway Returned Overseas Volunteers De-Brief Workshop and Training!
22/08/2016 - Open to all NUI Galway students that volunteered overseas!

NUI Galway Launches
18/08/2016 - NUI Galway is to launch it's section of

Join the NUI Galway ALIVE Team!
16/08/2016 - Applications open to current NUI Galway students only

Building a better future with Habitat For Humanity!
26/07/2016 - Check out Habitat For Humanity's video for an idea of what its like to be a part of the Third-Level Student Volunteering Programme.

Are You Ready For A #SDGchallenge?!
26/07/2016 - Then join us for a Sustainable Development workshop on Saturday 6th August and learn how you can make a difference!

Sharon Murray’s Volunteer Reflection
19/07/2016 - Sharon shares her story of volunteering in Zambia with Habitat For Humanity

NUI Galway Volunteering Fair 2016
19/07/2016 - All welcome to exhibit their NGO, community organisation and volunteer opportunities!

Student Volunteering Symposium
28/06/2016 - You are most welcome to join us at NUI Galway on the5th of July 2016 at 10.30 for aSymposium on Student Volunteering at the Institute for Lifecourse and Society.

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