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Activism, Education and Art


Open to all to visit and experience an art installation at NUI Galway developed by non-profit organisation the Paul Finucane Centre.

Wednesday July 11 -running until- Monday July 15


(ILAS) Institute of Lifecourse and Society, Foyer, NUI Galway


Exhibition 1: "Legacy of Colonialism" 

"Legacy of Colonialism" Exhibit – 11 pull-up banners exploring the impact of colonialism throughout the British Empire including Palestine, Aden/Yemen, Cyprus etc. Informative and fascinating.

Exhibition 2: "In Their Footsteps" 

Northern Ireland Conflict Shoes- approx 200 pairs. Have been displayed in Derry, Belfast Dublin and London-most recently in Linenhall Library at IMPACT Festival in Belfast and outside Downing St.

‘This exhibition, In Their Footsteps, comprises of shoes donated by family members who lost a loved one during the conflict, or individuals who were seriously injured during the conflict. Each pair of shoes is accompanied by a small note about the person the empty shoes represent. What is unique about this exhibition is that all the victims are represented equally, regardless of the status of the victim or who the perpetrator was, or whether their loved one was killed as part of a mass atrocity or in a single incident. That is why it is so powerful. There is no hierarchy of victims.’

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