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Anti-Racism Workshops with ALIVE at NUI Galway


ALIVE with the Galway One World Centre are offering a series of Anti-Racism Workshops.

All welcome!

Safe place to learn, share, and develop our civic skills.

Our group workshop in June was a learning space for all and our next session continues this conversation in 2020. To sign up for the Zoom link please add your email to the mailing list below. 


"Being a Global Citizen and never Leaving Home" - Join ALIVE with local charity Galway One World Centre and discuss anti-racism and global issues. Take our Global Citizens Quiz! 


ALIVE: Friday 28th August 7-8 pm via Zoom

Part of the NUI Galway Virtual Summer Festival



About our Facilitators: 

Megan Maria Ayers-Browne is an African American woman who immigrated to Ireland 7 years ago on a student visa and now lives with her partner in the Gaeltacht.  She holds a degree in Religious Studies from Yale University and previously studied and taught at Trinity College Dublin as a doctoral student. 

Vicky Donnelly is the Education worker and Coordinator at the Galway One World Centre. She is an excellent group facilitator with extensive experience in a wide range of topics related to global education.  


Together we have developed a Resource Booklet for NUI Galway students to explore and engage with racism. Some recommended videos are posted here and email for the full Resource Booklet. 


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Join us as we share, explore, encounter, question and deepen our understanding!


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