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Galway Global Goals Jam 2021


Join in a world-wide event and make an impact on the Global Goals for change!

What is the Global Goals Jam?

A Jam in annual SDGs workshop held all over the world to inspire people to make positive change - all welcome! A Jam is a group of like-minded people coming together to complete a series of design-thinking sprints. You do not need to know anything about the Goals, or design thinking! Volunteers are brought step by step through the process over a series of workshops and guest facilitators.

  • Kickstart Friday 17th of September at 1pm on Zoom - Irish Aid Workshop

Hear and explore all about Ireland's international commitments to the Globe.

  • Saturday 18th of September 10am-3pm

Join groups, meet your mentor and start the design-thinking process to address the Global Goals!

  • Sunday 19th of September 10am-3pm

Test your group ideas and build social entrepreneurial skills

Register online at login and click on "Sign Up Events"

Check out our past Jam:

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Why attend the Global Goals Jam?

  • Certificate for volunteering
  • Develop start-up social entrepreneurial skills
  • collaborate and learn from local issues
  • address social challenges globally

Join Us! enables students to have the opportunity to: enrich your personal development and employability skills, have a fun experience, meet new people, and give back to your community. Sign up now.

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