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The Food Systems Summit - Have Your Say!


Tuesday February 23rd 7pm-9pm

Details to sign up are on Eventbrite:


You are welcome to an independent dialogue which feeds into the Food Systems Summit later in the year.

The session offers students an opportunity to formally connect into the Summit process through an official feedback mechanism and would offer the opportunity to engage directly in proposing pathways towards sustainable food systems, exploring new ways of working together and encouraging collaborative action.


We see the dialogue session being two parts:

1. A discussion with experts on food systems

2. Group work.


We would then feedback to the Food Systems Summit.



  • Paul Newnham - Food Systems Champion and Director of the SDG 2 Advocacy Hub
  • Conor Spacey –Chef’s Manifesto and Zero Waste Chef
  • Sofie Healy-Thow- Student and Food Systems and Nutrition Activist
  • Tom Arnold - Chair of the Irish 2030 Agri-Food Strategy Committee


Facilitated by:

Clodagh McLoughlin | Senior Programmes Officer - Development Programmes | World Vision Ireland | |

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