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ALIVE Workshop Series 2020


For the Academic semester ALIVE is hosting a range of workshops for NUI Galway students, staff and community partners. Here we will post the videos of the events and some key take-aways!

Here you will find information on workshops about taking community action through:

  • Gaisce
  • AntiRacism
  • SDGs
  • Volunteering



ALIVE in Conversation with the UN Youth Delegates for Ireland

Tara Grace Connolly from Belfast, and Conn McCarrick from Dublin, have been selected as Ireland’s UN Youth Delegates for 2020-2021.Throughout the this year, they will work closely with the National Youth Council of Ireland, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Ireland’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations. They will have the opportunity to represent the young people of Ireland at a number of UN events, and to engage with young people across Ireland about foreign policy issues.

Our workshop with Tara and Conn will allow NUI Galway students to learn more about the Youth Delegate Role, what the inside of the UN looks like, how policy is making an impact, and share passions for projects affecting all our lives. As Ireland prepares to take its seat on the UN Security Council in January 2021, how do we connect the local to the global?


Beginners Guide to Changing the World

Guest Facilitator Vicky Donnelly brings us to the root! Leave this session with your knowledge expanded and your mind blown! 



How to Achieve the Gaisce Award 

All welcome! Meet Gaisce PALS Kirsty and Lorraine and hear how to achieve the award: Gold, Silver, Bronze. 

How to be an Ally 

This practical workshop training is designed for those that want to be anti-racist and gives you the tools to explore this role as an Ally. Expert facilitator Megan Maria Browne sets up a safe space for all to learn. 


What are the SDGs? 

Pop along as we play games to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals. All welcome!



PopUp Zoom with ALIVE: How to volunteer and achieve the ALIVE Certificate



In Conversation with Úna-Minh Kavanagh 

The power of the Irish language to overcome loss, racism and online trolls.

Founder and Editor of, Travel Writer, Author of 'Anseo', Gamer and Multimedia Content Producer. In her first book, she writes honestly and humorously about tackling racism, language elitism and online trolls and the joy of turning her love of the internet, video games and accessible Irish-language content into a healthy work/life balance. Úna-Minh will share her experiences from being: Department of Justice and Equality Anti-Racism Committee Member; Member of the TG4 Audience Panel; Culture Night Trailblazer for the Irish Language 2020; Winner Social Activist 2017 at U Magazine 30 Under 30 Awards; Five-times nominated, shortlisted and finalist in the Blog Awards Ireland; Top 4 in the Travel Media Awards.

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