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Constructing homes for refugees’ families


Constructing homes for refugees’ families

Voluntary Service International


At a Glance

  • Start Date:08/05/2020
  • End Date:18/05/2020
  • Closing date:28/04/2020
  • Post Updated:03/03/2020
  • Min Hours:10 days up to 7 hours each
  • Role Type:Community Development

Requirements:Applicant must bring warm clothes and need to be physically strong


The LAR project helps families of refugees’ and migrants who have finished government funded integration programs and are left without sufficient financial support. We want to ensure that we provide work, training and housing for every the family. At this moment we are finishing the rebuilding work at the houses, to ensure these families have a proper place to call home. The project is developed in a small village near Guarda.

Study Theme: Social inclusion, environmental responsibility, entrepreneurship, social business and projects, refugee and migrant’s support, community work, support of elderly people.

Accommodation: The group will stay together in a house fully equipped with access to kitchen and bathroom. Volunteers prepare their own meals on site.

Language: Portuguese is the speaking language in the project; however, English will be used on site. There will be French and Spanish speakers on-site as well.

Notes: You should be aware that the international volunteer project will be in a small village, so you should be passionate about nature and the tranquillity of rural areas. Volunteers will have 2 days off duty so they can explore the surroundings and relax!

About VSI: Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, a worldwide peace movement that began in 1920. We work to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding. We do this through volunteering activities internationally and in Ireland. Generally our International Volunteer Projects have the following key features: food, accommodation, and basic health insurance.  Leisure and free time can be enjoyed after the day’s work and during the weekends. Volunteers pay a fee to VSI and cover their travel costs to/from the project. For projects in Europe, VSI project fee for students is €105.

Is training provided?: Yes

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

 The tasks planned for the volunteers are:

Cleaning of the surrounding areas of the rebuilt houses (waste separation of woods, bricks, plastics, etc.);

Woodcutting and storage of wood for the families;

Preparation of the land for agriculture and help developing the community garden;

Help in daily tasks of the project and in the integration of the migrant families

Skills required for this role:

Application form

Minimum time commitment per week:
10+ hour p/week


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Mateja Jakšić

Address: Voluntary Service International, 20 Dominick Street Lower, Dublin 1


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