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Overseas Volunteer Placement in Kenya


Overseas Volunteer Placement in Kenya

Brighter Communities Worldwide


At a Glance

  • Start Date:06/06/2020
  • End Date:27/06/2020
  • Closing date:30/04/2020
  • Post Updated:11/12/2019
  • Min Hours:3 weeks
  • Role Type:Community Development

Requirements:Team work; minimum age 18; no upper age limit;


Brighter Communities Worldwide are committed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through our strategies, programmes and ways of work.

As a volunteer, you bring with you a powerful means of helping to achieve these goals as you bring your skills, expertise, energy and knowledge to share with a new community –through volunteering you learn more and gain a sense of responsibility for yourself as a global citizen.

The impact of your volunteer experience creates ripples of impact not just on the community you volunteer with but on your own community when you come home.

Is this your year to take action on poverty, climate change, quality education, gender, good health, water and sanitation?

If you love a challenge, love to learn, enjoy stepping outside your comfort zone and care about the planet we are living on and the people you share it with –then we are looking for you to volunteer with us in Kenya.

Harambee is a Swahili word which means ‘working together’ and this is what our volunteer projects are all about –working together with local staff and volunteers in Kenya. The projects happen twice a year during June/July and during October/November and volunteers take part as teams.

Harambee provides a short-term volunteer placement for 2 or 3 weeks in Kenya along with a 4 day training programme to prepare you for the experience. Not enough time to change the world but enough time to change your way of looking at it.

This is an opportunity for you to share your skills and experience in a way that will help bring positive change to peoples’lives.It’s your chance to explore community development in the context of rural Kenya, to deepen your understanding of global development issues and explore your place in the global agenda of sustainable development.

Harambee projects are undertaken as part of a group of volunteers who form a team and numbers can vary in size from 6 or 8 volunteers upwards depending on the project.

What do volunteers do in Kenya?   Volunteers support the community development programmes that Brighter Communities Worldwide operate in Kenya in partnership with the local communities.These programmes are based on the needs of the people and focus on improving health, access to clean water, better education and increasing household incomes.

Our programmes require the support of volunteers to run effectively and efficiently throughout the year and overseas volunteers add extra capacity to the local Kenyan volunteer base as they work alongside them in delivery of various programmes.

Volunteer roles include -

Team facilitation of community based courses in Lifeskills, Remote Emergency Care and Business trainings.

Delivering workshops as part of our Healthy Schools Programme.

Installing Smokeless Stoves.

Training support for guides and porters on a sustainable trekking route project.

Building the capacity of local volunteers & staff through individual volunteer skills sharing.

Working alongside local community health workers (also volunteers) to makes homes a healthier place to be as part of our Healthy Homesteads programme.

Professional skills sharing -for example medical, engineering, I.T.

All of the work done supports implementation of the local Community Health Strategy which aims to lift communities out of poverty following a bottom up approach. The work undertaken on each Harambee depends on what is happening in the community at that time and is based on their needs.

Go with an open mind, a flexible nature and a willingness to help. Explore the common ground between your community and Kenyan communities. You will be surprised at how much you will learn from each other.

There is a rich sharing of experience and skills between the overseas volunteers and the local volunteers and by the end of their time together the volunteers’ greatest feeling is that they take away far more than they think they have brought to the experience.

DATES for 2020?

June 2020 – closing date 31/01/2020

2 week option –June 6th to 20th and 3 week option –June 6th to 27th

November 2020 –closing date 30/04/2020

2week option Oct 31st to Nov 14th and 3 week option Oct 31st to Nov 21st

COSTS for 2020 -

Personal cost–includes training expenses, flights, food, accommodation& transport in Kenya.

3 week project -€2,250 and 2 week project -€2,000

Fundraising cost-a minimum of €1,000 - this is a target each volunteer commits to raising before the project and it goes to the community development programmes in Kenya. Costs to be aware of in addition to these to be incurred by you, will be travel insurance, vaccinations, visa for Kenya and any optional tourist visits at the end of the project.Payments are spread out over the months before you travel following an agreed payment schedule. Both personal and fundraising costs can be fundraised for and support is provided to help volunteers with fundraising ideas and events.

Further details about Brighter Communities Worldwide, support with preparations; accommodation in Kenya are on

Is training provided?: Yes

Please note that Garda Vetting is required for this position.

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

Volunteer roles include -Team facilitation of community based courses in Lifeskills, Remote Emergency Care and Business trainings; delivering workshops as part of our Healthy Schools Programme; installing Smokeless Stoves; training support for guides and porters on a sustainable trekking route project; building the capacity of local volunteers & staff through individual volunteer skills sharing; working alongside local community health workers (also volunteers) to makes homes a healthier place to be as part of our Healthy Homesteads programme; professional skills sharing -for example medical, engineering, I.T.

This is not an exhaustive list - the work done depends on what programmes are running.  Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the skills for the above, we will provide you with all the training you need and draw on your existing skills and develop new ones

Skills required for this role:

Ability to work as part of a team; flexibility; spoken and written English language

Details of time commitment needed for role:
Placement in Kenya is for a duration of 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

Minimum time commitment per week:
10+ hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:
There is an application form to be filled in; 2 references to be submitted; volunteer to be willing to undertake Garda vetting; informal interview; pre-departure training programme.


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Rose Hennessy

Address: Brighter Communities Worldwide, 4 The Crescent, Mill road, Midleton, Co Cork


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