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Reserve Defence Force

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Reserve Defence Force

Reserve Defence Force


At a Glance

  • Start Date:01/10/2019
  • End Date:31/08/2020
  • Closing date:31/08/2020
  • Post Updated:06/08/2019
  • Min Hours:1 weekend /month
  • Role Type:Other

Requirements:Eligible applicants over 18 must pass a fitness test, medical, interview and security clearance


The State has a long-standing policy of non-belligerence in armed conflicts that included neutrality in WWII, Ireland’s military capabilities are relatively modest. However, the state has a long history of involvement in United Nations Peacekeeping operations.

Functions of the Defence Forces include:

Preparation for the defence of the state against armed attack.
Assisting the Garda Socána, including the protection of the internal security of the state.
Peace-keeping, crisis management and humanitarian relief operations in support of the United Nations.
Policing the fisheries, in accordance with the state’s obligations under European Union agreements.
Miscellaneous civil contingency duties requested by the Government such as search and rescue, air ambulance provision, providing secure air transport for ministers, assistance in the event of natural and other disasters, ensuring the maintenance of essential services, and assisting in dealing with oil pollution at sea.

The Reserve of the Defence Force (RDF) is now fully integrated into the the Permanent Defence Force (PDF)  and its role is to augment the PDF operationally, however overseas services is not yet an option for reservists. Service in the RDF is predominantly voluntary, though members are paid for full time training (approximately two weeks per year).

The Reserve element of the Defence Force is now open for recruitment again. This is a great opportunity for students to gain voluntary & part-time public service experience.

For suitable applicants who pass the initial assessment tests this will provide access to unique adventure training and can enhance valuable life skills for example:

  Precision Teamwork
  Supervisory skills
  Instructional skills
  Confidence building
  Personnel Management skills
  Communication Skills
  Tactical skills
  Analytical skills
  First Aid Skills
  Navigation / map reading skills
  Survival skills

We have three reserve companies based in 1 Bn area of operations: D Coy Galway, C Coy Clifden and E Coy Ennis, where we have approximately 40 vacancies at present.

The commitment is approximately one weekend per month.
There is a commitment to make yourself available for a 2 weeks full-time period in July or August 2020 (this period is paid).

Is training provided?: Yes

Please note that Garda Vetting is required for this position.

Minimum time commitment per week:
1 hour p/week


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Cathal Clarke

Address: Reserve Defence Force, Dun Ui Mhaoliosa Renmore Galway


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