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Software Carpentry Workshop


Software Carpentry Workshop

Microbiology Department


At a Glance

  • Start Date:11/01/2018
  • End Date:12/01/2018
  • Closing date:10/01/2018
  • Post Updated:06/12/2017
  • Min Hours:8
  • Role Type:Computer Work

Requirements:Knowledge of Linux


Microsoc and the Microbiology Department are hosting a Software Carpentry Workshop!  We are looking for a few volunteers to help out with the event.  The main duties are as follows (taken from the SW website):

On the day of your shift as a helper, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to help learners set up and run through some possible issues with installation and other questions that the attendees might have with the topic. Once the lesson starts, you will float around and help students that have any questions, help them work through exercises they might be stuck on, and/or check if they completed the exercises correctly. Some issues that commonly come up include:

installation problems: installing required dependencies, path conflicts
permission issues
formatting and syntax errors when writing out commands or scripts
not having files or directories set up the same way
not being in the right directory
lesson going too fast: did not have enough time to copy the examples or links


Learn more here:

Is training provided?: Yes

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

Volunteers will be there to make sure no one falls behind.  Again, from the SWC website: "Helpers are the unsung heroes of Software Carpentry. They need to have not only technical competence but also the interpersonal skills to spot people who are confused and help them get unstuck. Helpers are vital to keeping workshops flowing smoothly. "

Skills required for this role:

Basic knowledge of commandline use, the R programming language, and/or version control.

Details of time commitment needed for role:
Availability for either of both of the days of the workshop: Jan 11 and 12th, 2018.

Minimum time commitment per week:
8 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Nicholas Waters

Address: Microbiology Department, University Road, School of Natural Sciences


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