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The Hygiene Bank DCU Ambassador

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The Hygiene Bank DCU Ambassador

The Hygiene Bank


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  • Start Date:28/09/2020
  • End Date:07/06/2021
  • Closing date:29/10/2020
  • Post Updated:07/09/2020
  • Min Hours:2 hours per week
  • Role Type:Community Development

Requirements:No requirements for this volunteering opportunity


DCU is joining The Hygiene Bank Dublin in tackling Hygiene Poverty in Dublin. Hygiene poverty is a stigmatised, little known form of poverty that could effect 20% or more of the Irish population. Hygiene poverty is having to choose between food, heating or bills and toiletries or personal grooming products. Figures in the UK show that people stop buying hygiene products long before they rely on food banks and we see this reality in Ireland as well.

Being a student can bring a lot of financial instability, and so, especially in the wake of Covid-19, the recession and high rates of unemployment, DCU has partnered with The Hygiene Bank Dublin to tackle hygiene poverty at university. Students will be able to donate essential toiletries at a range of points across DCU campuses and these toiletries will be given freely and discreetly to the students who need them. 

The Hygiene Bank Dublin, DCU Ambassador role will involve managing the drop off point locations around DCU's campuses, collecting donated products, logging the weight and moving them to the designated point on campus for storage. This is a flexible role of 1-2 hours per week that can work around busy schedules. The DCU Ambassadors will be the face of The Hygiene Bank at DCU, representing The Hygiene Bank Dublin's wider work and encouraging conversations around Hygiene Poverty.

Is training provided?: Yes

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

  • Managing a designated drop off location
  • Collecting and moving products from the location to the on-campus storage
  • Logging the weight of donated products
  • Liaising with THBDublin for updates, pictures and success stories
  • Representing The Hygiene Bank at DCU
  • Raising awareness and starting conversation about Hygiene Poverty

Skills required for this role:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Basic maths
  • A passion for tackling social justice issues

Details of time commitment needed for role:
Week days between 9am-5pm at times that suit you.

Minimum time commitment per week:
1 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:
There will be an induction meeting at the start of term to give more details about the roles and the organisation. Time and date TBC.


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Rosie McDonagh

Address: The Hygiene Bank, Dublin


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