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Trinity Sport Club Treasurer

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Trinity Sport Club Treasurer

Trinity Sport


At a Glance

  • Start Date:28/10/2021
  • End Date:27/05/2022
  • Closing date:01/06/2022
  • Post Updated:01/11/2021
  • Min Hours:5 hours per week
  • Role Type:Coaching/Sports

Requirements:The Role of the Treasurer is to ensure that all financial matters within the club.


Who will I be responsible to?

· The Club Committee

Who will I be responsible for?

· All committee members

Is training provided?: Yes

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

What you will do:

· Ensuring that up-to-date records of your club’s income and expenditures are tracked and maintained

· Planning the club’s yearly budget (with input from the club’s committee) and monitoring how this budget is used throughout the year

· Presenting annual reports on the club’s finances to key stakeholder

· Being the go-to person for any budget questions that your club has

Skills required for this role:

Ideally, you’ll need to be:

· Good organisational Skills

· Has some financial expertise

· Ability to maintain accurate records

· Dedicated Club Person

· Honest/Trustworthy

· Computer skills

· Good communication skills

Minimum time commitment per week:
5 hour p/week


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Trinity Sport

Address: Trinity Sport, 43 Pearse st, Dublin 2


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