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Youth for Sustainable Development facilitator


Youth for Sustainable Development facilitator



At a Glance

  • Start Date:12/09/2022
  • End Date:16/12/2022
  • Closing date:30/09/2022
  • Post Updated:25/08/2022
  • Min Hours:24
  • Role Type:Youth work

Requirements:Garda vetting


We facilitate a weekly after-school club with young people (aged 15-17) in our centre in Dublin but we also have capacity to offer an adapted version online. The clubs will be facilitated by two people and all resources are provided for. Facilitators will receive training in advance of the programme. The programme lasts 12 weeks in total (in person) and the online adapted version can vary between 6-8 weeks.

The programme is based around providing young people with the knowledge and skills to bring about sustainable change in their life and in their community. It aims to empower young people, create a safe space for learning, and encourgae positive action for change. This role has the potential to be continued further into 2023. 

Is training provided?: Yes

Please note that Garda Vetting is required for this position which will be processed with you after you apply.

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

  • Facilitate workshops
  • Ensure students' are respected, safe, and included
  • Assess students through assessment forms 
  • Take attendance and upload to our online portal 
  • Maintain a thorough record of each weekly club
  • Communicate with the coordinator on a regular basis 

Skills required for this role:

  • Communication 
  • IT
  • Facilitation
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving 
  • Record keeping

Details of time commitment needed for role:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays 5-7 depending

Minimum time commitment per week:
2 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:
An informal interview will be conducted with the prospective volunteer to ensure they are fit for the role and to identify areas where further training or support may be needed


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Aisling Miller

Address: ECO-UNESCO, 9 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2


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