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Age Action Getting Started Volunteer Tutor


Age Action Getting Started Volunteer Tutor

Age Action Cork


At a Glance

  • Start Date:15/08/2019
  • End Date:18/12/2019
  • Closing date:Ongoing
  • Post Updated:22/07/2019
  • Min Hours:2 per week - 5 consecutive wks minimum
  • Role Type:Youth work

Requirements:Good spoken English - our learners can be sometimes hard of hearing or struggle with accents


Age Action's award winning "Getting Started" programme is a learning and awareness raising programme for older people to encourage and help them to use computers and the internet. Our goal is to promote digital inclusion and positive ageing by providing opportunities for all older people to learn about technology. All our tutors are trained volunteers and work one-to-one with older learners. We have found that each learner may require different levels of support, and uses a different device. Furthermore retention can become a problem in our later years. Hence the one on one approach.

Age Action Values Statement

Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for older people. Age Action is a values-led organisation. Our core values of: Dignity, Participation, Diversity, Social Justice, and Professionalism, are central to driving our work to promote equality for, and fulfil the human rights of older people.

The Age Action Values Statement sets out and defines our core values. It enables us to consistently and coherently embed these values in our work priorities and processes, and in the practice and behaviour of our staff and volunteers.


Dignity is about respect, compassion, kindness, and valuing of each individual. It involves independence and wellbeing as we age.

Our Priority:

Age Action seeks to contribute to a society where older people are valued and respected, with access to services that meet their needs and affirm their independence. We seek to establish a workplace where staff and volunteers of all backgrounds are valued and respected.


Participation is about inclusion and meaningful collaboration. It involves being heard, and having voice and influence as we age.

Our Priority:

Age Action seeks to contribute to the empowerment of older people to make their own decisions and have an influence on policy making and service provision. We seek to establish a workplace where staff and volunteers can make a meaningful contribution to decision-making.


Diversity is about recognising and valuing difference. It involves challenging discrimination, and acknowledging, and responding appropriately to different groups in society.

Our Priority:

Age Action seeks to ensure recognition for, and inclusion of the diversity of older people and an adequate response to the specific needs that flow from this diversity. We seek to establish a workplace with diverse staff and volunteers, where the specific needs flowing from this diversity are accommodated.


Social justice is about equality of access, participation, and outcome, and a fair and equitable distribution of resources. It involves having real choices, control over our lives, and access to the economic, cultural, and social life of the community.

Our Priority:

Age Action seeks to challenge ageism, reduce social isolation of older people, and ensure positive outcomes for older people in key areas of life, including: employment, income, health, education, housing, transport, and community activism. We seek to establish a workplace with fair terms and conditions for staff and volunteers.


Professionalism is about working to the highest standards with integrity and transparency. It involves being committed, responsive, accountable, and innovative.

Our Priority:

Age Action seeks to develop and sustain an organisation that: operates to the highest standards in all our programmes and activities; reflects our values; and secures stakeholder trust. We seek to establish a workplace with opportunities for progression and development for staff and volunteers.

Is training provided?: Yes

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

Followng a brief induction training, volunteers will support, mentor and tutor over 55s on a one one one basis in the "mysteries" of technology. This could involved helping someone with their hand held tablet or phone or working with them on their laptop or Mac. We will ascertain at Application Stage what abilities the tutors have and endeavour to match them to the corresponding learners' requirements.

Skills required for this role:

Experience with technology, patience and a sense of humour.

Details of time commitment needed for role:
Each course 5 weeks two hours a week. Many courses take place in the day time, some Saturdays or evenings.

Minimum time commitment per week:
2 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:
Email or apply through the portal. 


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Julie Oates

Address: Age Action Cork, Northridge House, St. Luke's Home, Mahon

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