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Neurodiversity Sandymount 20% internship


Neurodiversity Sandymount 20% internship

Neurodiversity Sandymount


At a Glance

  • Start Date:08/04/2022
  • End Date:22/12/2022
  • Closing date:01/11/2022
  • Post Updated:23/09/2022
  • Min Hours:2 hours per week
  • Role Type:Community Development

Requirements:Ideal skill set - graphic design


What is Neurodiversity:

Neurodiversity is a concept which encourages the world to view neurodevelopmental differences like autism, ADHD and dyslexia as brain differences, rather than deficits that need to be ‘fixed’. 

Neurodivergent people experience and interact with the world in a different way. Embracing these different brains and their qualities and strengths can benefit the entire community. The world is made up of two types of brains, neurotypical and neurodivergent, creating a neurodiverse environment.


What is Neurodiversity Ireland:

Established in Sandymount we have quickly grown into a nationwide movement. The mission of our charity is to be a leader in ​creating neurodiverse-friendly villages and towns across Ireland, that welcomes and celebrates ​different brains and unique thinkers.​ 

Neurodiversity Sandymount’s mission is to lead the way in creating an inclusive environment across Ireland for neurodivergent people, with the goal of providing a World Class centre for Sensory processing integration and occupational therapy in Dublin. This is an ambitious goal! 

To support the infinite bounds of our neurodivergent community of children and adults, we need support from a student to help with the expanding interest in a national roll out and our fundraising efforts. Someone with accounting or excel experience would be ideal.


The Problem:

About 15-20%* of the population are “neurodivergent” e.g autistic, ADHD, dyspraxic or dyslexic, however the services and facilities needed to support neurodivergent people under 18s are hugely lacking in Ireland. A recent Irish report in Ireland showed two-thirds of respondents are dissatisfied with neurodivergent services available in Ireland and 40% said that their neurodivergent children lost key skills during the pandemic.

There is widespread fatigue felt by huge swathes of parents and guardians of neurodivergent children in attempting to secure adequate therapy for their children.

Key findings also include:

Two-thirds of parents and guardians surveyed have had to wait two years or more to receive support for their child.  When it does become available, therapy is limited.

Almost four in five parents said that their children were not in receipt of any support from either the Early Intervention or School Age-Going Teams.

The main issue is a lack of available facilities, where qualified specialists have the correct equipment and space in which to conduct Sensory Processing Integration & Occupational Therapy.  Individual therapists cannot afford appropriately sized facilities or enough access to the correct equipment to run effective Sensory Processing/Occupational Therapy programs.  


The Solution: Sensory Processing & Occupational Therapy Centre: 

We want to create a Sensory processing & Occupational Therapy centre that can provide the support and therapy needed, for all neurodivergent children. 

Sensory processing refers to the supporting mechanisms of how we feel, it is how we make sense of the world around us and it underpins every aspect of human functioning. Everyone processes sensation. The sensory messages we receive from our bodies and the world around us are responded to in every single thing we do in life. In each instance, our sensory systems should provide the vital information that we use to be successful. Sensory processing and integration is foundational to healthy development, function, participation, learning and psychological well-being.  Sensory processing integration and Occupational Therapy aims to assist neurodivergent people, who have difficulties with sensory processing. 

Medical models of diagnosis and therapy focus on illness and deficits and how therapy or medicine can “treat” or “cure” an illness.  Occupational Therapy & Sensory Processing Integration [OT/SPI] focus instead on how an individual’s condition can affect their ability to participate in everyday activities, therefore assistance via OT/SPI is hugely beneficial in setting neurodivergent children up for success for their future in society. 


What is a Sensory Processing Integration & Occupational Therapy Centre: 

The SPI/OT Therapy Centre would offer the following resources and services: 

Intensive Therapy Model - Providing an intensive “burst” of treatment (three to five times a week) as an effective way to manage sensory issues.

Parent empowerment - Parent-focused education and coaching helping families move treatment into natural settings, such as home and school.

Individualised and personalised - Every treatment programme would be different. Treatment is customised to each child’s strengths and needs.


Benefits to for Student Intern:

Community involvement is an easy and effective way to increase your work experience, establish a positive reputation for working for charity, and grow your business knowledge. Plus, it allows you to establish meaningful connections and give back to those in need. Partnering with Neurodiversity Ireland sends a clear message to the corporate world around your commitment to supporting DEI and the community at large.


- Meeting your Corporate Social responsibility goals to have DEI (diversity, equality & inclusion) within your work experience

- Partnering with Neurodiversity is a Competitive Advantage according to Harved in attracting top talent 

- Proactive leadership in giving back to the community increase retention, fosters strong culture and employee satisfaction 


Long term vision of permanent SPI/OT Therapy Centre facility - Budget €300,000

This would involve permanently securing a 1000 sqm space for a long term 5 year lease, leverage equipment bought in phase 1 and updating the SPI/OT equipment as required. OT specialists would be able to rent the space to run their sessions for 40 hours per week and have their own sole trader insurance. The session slots would be available for parents to book through our website. Payment for these sessions would be processed through the individual OT and parents, as usual. Parents with health insurance would cover up to 75% of the OT specialists fee. We would also expand the therapy options available in this space based on demand to include speech & language therapy, organised via the same model. 

We would be responsible for sub-letting the space for use, ensuring the correct equipment was in place and overseeing the holistic strategy and evolution of the SPI/OT Therapy Centre facility.

Where we need Intern support Fundraising promotional packages and graphic design to POS and presentations/PDFs for funding, signage and socail campaigns

Is training provided?: Yes

Skills required for this role:

Graphic design & photoshop

Minimum time commitment per week:
2 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Dairine cullen

Address: Neurodiversity Sandymount , 77 strand road, sandymount


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