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Writing-talk Advocates


Writing-talk Advocates

The Regional Writing Centre, UL


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  • Start Date:19/07/2019
  • End Date:30/07/2020
  • Closing date:30/07/2020
  • Post Updated:22/07/2019
  • Min Hours:
  • Role Type:Mentoring/Befriending

Requirements:Must be a student who writes for academic assessment


Writing-talk Advocates advocate for talking about writing because talking leads to learning. The Regional Writing Centre is looking for volunteers to write about their experiences of writing for assessment. We are looking for students who are new to writing for third level assessment as well as students experienced in writing for assessment at third level. We are looking for students to share their frustrations and their exhilarations, strategies that worked or didn't work. The Regional Writing Centre came into being ten years ago with the goal of initiating and perpetuating a conversation on writing, believing then and now that everyone can write, but that we become better writers when we share our stories about how we write, what works and what doesn't work. People learn from our experiences and our reflections on our experiences.

It is with that in mind that we set up a blog: Writing-talk, UL, where volunteers can share their experiences with others. Knowing that others struggle with writing makes us realise that we are not alone. Hearing about some clever strategy that another student had employed in an effort to get an A  on his or her paper might be something that we benefit from as well. Hearing about other's processes, their writing situations and their strategies for overcoming obstacles makes us all aware of a whole set of options that we might not have realised were available to us all along. 

We hope that students, whether you hate to write or love to write for academic assessment, will devote some time to sharing some of your frustrations and delights for the benefit of others.

We do not want you to teach others to write. We want you to share your experiences and trust others to take away lessons from your experiences. 

Volunteers who wish to devote time sharing their experiences will be guided by the RWC staff in getting their contribution ready for publication on the blog. We want all contributions to be beneficial to other students, so we will spend time with the volunteers, identifying how the entry benefits others and suggesting revisions designed to make that benefit most transparent.

Is training provided?: No

Tasks that the volunteer(s) will be expected to undertake:

Students will be asked to reflect on and record their writing for assessment experiences, keeping in mind how other writers might benefit from their experiences--either by emulating the strategy or approach or by avoiding it. 

Students would want to reflect on their research and writing processes, how they assess the writing situation (for example, what's required, what gets an A), the strategies that they use to negotiate past obstacles such as negative thoughts, debilitating emotional responses to an assignment-type, seeking advice from others, or identifying habits that are keeping you from reaching your writing goals. 

Skills required for this role:

Able to reflect on and record your thoughts and feelings on your writing process, your encounter with writing situations and your strategies for negotiating your way through your process.

Able to recognise changes to your approach to writing and your attitude towards particular aspects of your writing situations. 

Able to resist 'teaching'; able, rather, to share, trusting others to take away what they can from the experience.

Details of time commitment needed for role:
One would assume writing and revising a piece to be submitted to the blog might involve as many as nine hours of the student's time. The RWC is open to writers submitting once, occasionally or submitting once a month. The more experiences the better. The only thing we ask is that students not defame others.

Minimum time commitment per week:
1 hour p/week

Additional screening required for this role:
The volunteer should be prepared to sit through a short, one-hour session that will introduce the blog and the goal of the volunteer's submission.


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Lawrence Cleary

Address: The Regional Writing Centre, UL, C1065 Main Building, UL


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